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What Are ISRC Codes And How Do I Get Them?

If your CD is for commercial release then you will probably need ISRC codes. The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. They are included in the data-stream with the

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What Is Stem Mastering?

Stem mastering is different from 2 track stereo mastering. Stem mastering uses a number of grouped instruments such as drums, keyboards, bass, guitars and vocals. For electronic styles typical stems might be drums, bass, sub bass, lead synth 1, lead

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How Do I Make A Good Pre-Master?

: Don’t record too loud. There is a popular myth that says you are only getting the most from your digital recorder if “all the lights are on” – ie. the signal is clipping or peaking at 0 dB. Please

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What Is “mastered For iTunes” And Why Should We Use It?

On your travels around the iTunes Store you may have noticed the Mastered For iTunes logo next to certain releases. Ever wondered exactly what this means and how you can get your music sounding better than ever on iTunes?  Ok

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