The Loft Studios

As a freelance mixer/producer Mike has worked in a wide variety of commercial studios, and understands what makes a successful facility.

Mike’s vision became a reality with the opening of The Loft Studios, based in central Liverpool and housed in a large, converted Manhattan-style loft. The studios offer masses of natural daylight and plenty of open space.

“There’s a relaxed atmosphere here that helps everyone feel at home, and infinitely more creative.”

The Loft features an array of high end equipment, ranging from some of the best vintage analogue gear to the most powerful digital mixing and mastering tools available. This combination of analogue and digital equipment provides the best of both worlds, and the live rooms offer stunning natural acoustics.

“Owning my own studio is an essential part of success for me as a mixer in today’s market – I can deliver all the quality and creativity of a world class studio within a realistic budget.”

Mike also runs his own professional independent high end mastering facility – Loft Mastering

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